College Competency: #14 Hang Out(side)


Honored to have Jim Gilbert join us at Gethsemane on April 7 to give a talk on Creation Care. Jim is a consulting naturalist for WCCO radio and co-author of the MN Weather Guide calendars. He also served as an environmental studies professor at Gustavus and taught in Hopkins Schools for over 30 years.

There are many benefits of spending time outdoors. Trade some screen time for green time and you can feel stronger, have better concentration and feel happier and more relaxed.

Make It Happen:

  • Do a reality check and log the number of hours you spend outside for one week. Next, challenge yourself to double the time you spend outdoors. Instead of playing video games after school, grab a friend or your favorite pet and talk a walk. Try doing your homework outside. If you meet your goal, you can reward yourself with something you enjoy outdoors.

  • Plan a visit to a state or national park.

  • Join an outdoor adventure club. Many communities offer activities like disc golf, beachside yoga or hiking.