College Competency #48


Calculate a gratuity

During Thanksgiving, we talk a lot about our blessings and focus on why we are thankful. Extend this grateful feeling by teaching your child how to calculate a gratuity.  Leaving a tip is a way to express appreciation to someone who performs a personal service for you. Hairstylists, manicurists, and food servers are just some of the jobs that rely on tips for part of their income.

Make It Happen Ideas:

  • The next time your family is out for dinner, put your child in charge of calculating the gratuity. Explain that 15-20% is customary for good service. If the bill was discounted for any reason (pizza coupon), be sure to tip on the total amount before the discount was applied. Try calculating with pencil and paper and using an app.

  • While waiting for your dinner, role play what to do if the service is not stellar. Perhaps your pizza takes longer than usual or the server forgets your refill. Most people in service occupations really enjoy helping their customers but circumstances can be beyond their control. What might be happening in the kitchen to slow down their service? What proactive actions could a customer take if they are unhappy with their meal? How might they feel if they received no gratuity? What are the pro’s of being generous vs. critical?