Workplace Connections


Investing in work-life benefits is a Smart Business Decision! Whether your employees have toddlers or teens, our Workplace Connections offerings are designed to support working parents.

First Connections

Celebrate the newest members of your workplace family by welcoming your employees’ little ones in style. Partners in Parenting Consulting offers special services for new and expectant parents including:

  • On-site parenting seminars on popular topics like Sibling Rivalry and Postpartum Pampering

  • Lactation room design and support

  • Welcome Baby resources

Babies really do impact the bottom line! Support your employees, and they will be ready and refreshed to return to work.

Get Connected for College

Sending a child off to college is the American dream. While parents want to ensure their child is well prepared to leave the nest, they are not college admission experts. Employees who are stressing about this process are not focused and productive in the workplace.

Our innovative College Coaching program provides valuable answers and support during the college admission process. Delight your team with this exciting new benefit:

 On Site Parent Education

All parents face challenges during their parenting journey. Proactive employers recognize this and support their employees before personal issues become distractions that impact productivity.

Our personal, on-site parent coaching program brings help right to the workplace! Coaches are available during established hours to provide employees with 1:1 parenting guidance and resources. Relieved of their worries, employees are now free to  focus on the world of work!

 We also offer convenient, on-site parenting lunch and learns on relevant topics including:

  • Positive Discipline

  • Terrific Teens

  • Family Fun and Fitness

  • Stress Less

  • The Great Work-Life Balancing Act

Retreats: Relax, Refresh, Recharge

Workplace stress is a leading cause of burnout and employee turnover. Multi-tasking and constant connection can decrease employee productivity. Our work-life balance retreats are designed to melt away the stress and are perfect as leadership get-aways, team building events or personal recognition.


Striving to motivate employees and develop the next generation of leaders? Partners in Parenting Consulting can help your workplace launch exciting new mentoring programs:

  • High potential mentoring for leadership development

  • Diversity mentoring for the inclusive workplace

  • Youth mentoring  

  • Reverse mentoring for cross generational knowledge transfer

  • Mentoring circles

There are many benefits to mentoring! Employers build reputations as companies that care by investing in the future workforce, while employee development keeps leadership pipelines flowing.