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College Coaching

Sending a child off to college is the American dream. While parents want to ensure their child is well prepared to leave the nest, they are not college admission experts. Tuition continues to rise, admissions are becoming more competitive and college debt is reaching record levels! Savvy parents will give their child the gift of life skills and confidence.


College Competencies Camp

Will Your Child Be Ready for College? Does your child know how to do laundry? Schedule a doctor appointment? Manage money? Write a professional email?

Students today are more time crunched than ever before and without intentional effort, it’s easy to graduate high school without having the critical skills needed to survive dorm life.

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ACT Prep

Did you know that scoring well on the ACT can give your child an advantage in the college admission process and result in thousands of dollars in scholarships?

The ACT test is dreaded by students and parents alike, but test prep doesn’t need to be stressful. With Partners in Parenting Consulting, your child’s coach designs a custom ACT prep plan.