Does Your Child Have College Competencies?


College Competencies

Top 100 Skills

As a parent of two young adults, I can tell you how fast the childhood years go by – seems like cradle to college in the blink of any eye! To be successful and well-prepared for career and life, our kids need to develop critical life skills. In my book, I’ve termed these skills “College Competencies” and identified the top 100 skills that range from civic responsibilities to health/wellness awareness to social skills and money management. These competencies are not developed overnight, and parents can be caught off guard to discover that their kids are blissfully unprepared as they head off to college.

If you would like to learn more about College Competencies, watch for weekly blog postings that feature one of these skills – what’s in it for your child to master the competency, practical ideas on how to “Make It Happen”, and Get Connected resources.

If you would like to order your personal copy of Get Connected for College: The Savvy Student’s Guide to College Prep, just send a note via the website and we’ll ship it to you directly. In addition to the 100 College Competencies, the book has a Milestone Map to college admission, tips on saving for college, campus scorecard and more!